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1. How to sign up for the escape game?
Participants can book their game by phone call, SMS, email or Facebook. Write us about the game you want to play, the number of players, the time and date, write down any additional comment or question, if any, and finalize your booking by contacting us in a way that is most convenient for you.
To book press HERE

2. What is the duration of the game?
You have 60 minutes to go through your chosen route and find the way out. Instructions and introduction to the room of adventure take about 10 minutes. When the time is out you will need some additional 20 minutes for discussions, analyses of the riddles. etc. A brief calculation shows that the whole adventure takes no longer than an hour and a half.

3. What is the maximum number of participants?
Each game can be played by teams of 2 to 6 participants. Statistics show that bigger teams have better chances to leave the room in a victory. For couples it is necessary to be twice more resourceful and faster; however, this allows them to be much more focused and organized.

4. How long before the reservation time do we have to arrive?
Because of the nature of the games and the schedule we use, we only have limited time between reservations to set up the game rooms for the next team. So, we ask you not to come too early because we will not be able to give you our full attention. It will be best if you come about 5 minutes before your reservation time. In case you are late, the schedule will be disrupted and we may be forced to shorten your play time, so please be fair to the players after you. 

5. What is the difference between the games The Missing Elements and The House of Cards?
Both games have nothing in common. They are completely unrelated, present different challenges and create their own unique atmospheres. Both games take place on different premises and are completely independent of each other. The only thing similar is that they both are equally fun and challenging.
Each one of them will introduce you to a unique experience, tear you completely from reality and cause at the highest your intelligence, creativity, observation, and teamwork.
Both games need separate booking.

6. What if we get stuck during the game?
Our playrooms are equipped with video cameras and microphones and you are being monitored all the time. Whenever you need advice or miss some clues, you will be given helpful hints. However, we believe that your satisfaction from the successful outcome and solving all the riddles will be at the maximum if the assistance is at the minimum.
In case of emergency, a staff member can enter the room immediately.

7. What kind of events can be held in The House of Mystery?
DOMUS REBUS and the escape games we offer are very suitable for organizing of:
* Crazy fun with friends
* Exciting family evenings
* Birthdays
* Anniversaries
* Bachelors’ parties
* Ladies’ parties
* The most amazing first date
* Students’ parties
* Corporative contests
* Teambuilding
* Wedding parties, etc.
For more information contact us HERE.

8. Is it possible to include special riddles or to customize the rooms according to client's desire/specific occasion?
Yes, it is possible for us to include new questions or riddles, related to a certain activity or school classes.
It is also possible for us to hide birthday presents, special surprises or even a marriage proposal in a room of your choice to be discovered during the adventure game by the person for whom they are intended.
Just let us know when you book your adventure or contact us if you want to make use of this option.  And believe us, we will do anything possible and even more to make your surprise unforgettable! 

9. Are there minimum and maximum age restrictions?
The game is suitable for people of all ages, and for children, too; however, it may not arise the desired interest in children below 8.
Young players from 8 to 14 years including can participate in the games of DOMUS REBUS only in the company of an adult.
However, we recommend for the children to be at least 14 years old in order to play in a separate team, and at least one of the team players should be over 18 years. If so desired, younger children could also play, in case their parents consider it would be interesting for them. The tasks are various and some of them may be a little difficult but kids can be mean machines in search for hidden objects which gives them the sense of involvement and being an important part of the game.

10. May participation be somewhat dangerous and are pregnant women allowed to play?
There is absolutely no health hazard or anything frightening that you should worry about! 
Yes, pregnant women may safely participate in the games of DOMUS REBUS!
During the game, you do not have to exercise physical strength or physical efforts – running, jumping, etc. Your body will not be subjected to efforts greater than the routine ones in your everyday life.